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Welcome to our Plog - PostMyPoop

Welcome to our Plog

“Plog” – short for “Poop Blog” is going to be an ongoing series of different Poop Facts, Poop Information and any Poop News that you are loyal Poop Posters will enjoy! Some consider a Plog to be a political blog. Not in our house!!! This is Post My Poop after-all! Actually we frown on political posting? Why you ask? Well there is NOTHING fun about politics unless there is a good poop story to tell! HA HA HA!

Our first few Plogs will be things like Poop hacks, for example what foods will change the color of your Poop or Interesting Poop Facts – random things that are interesting, maybe even gross but interesting.

Later on we will dive into the poop culture. We might even ask some of our loyal subscribers to give us the reasons why they follow or are involved in poop culture. Personally I would like to explore the fascination with the “dark side” of poop. What makes people so interested in some of the generally thought to be “not so funny” poop cultures. Another topic I would like to explore would be ways to identify health issues and healthiness through your poop. I definitely do not want to get all medical but maybe some interesting poop related posts talking about things to look for, good and bad.

We are always open to ideas so feel free to use our contact page to send in topics you want us to post about! Maybe a top 10 or maybe something you have always wondered about poop! We are here to google for you and we will gladly put our spin on the topic! If you are interested in writing a poop article please let us know. Not only will you get credit for it but we would gladly post a link to your website, twitter or anything you would like to promote.

Yours Truly,

Stinky Taint

Chief Plogger

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