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Poop Facts - PostMyPoop

Poop Facts

Lets talk about something that might get you called down to HR if you were discussing around the water cooler at work.

Poop is indeed funny. Even the most conservative people in the world get a good chuckle when it comes to number 2. The basis of many poop jokes have some real science behind them. Lets look at 4 today.

First lets talk about the color: My research tells me the browner the better. Better meaning healthier. In laments terms you want your poop to be the color of rust. The actual color comes from the iron-filled red blood cells in your intestines. Basically these blood cells are breaking down and like a bottle of brown hair dye they are coloring your poop. If your poop is really green it means you probably have too much iron in your diet. On the other hand a lack of greens in your diet believe it or not could turn that dump green. Not in a funny “look dude my poop is green” kinda way though. Green poo could mean you have a colony of parasites living in your colon. Weight loss/gain, having trouble taking a shit or getting the shits it might be something worthy of a doctors visit. Pepto Bismol will make your shit black. Beets will get you shades of red.


Why your poop might float or stink: If your body has problems absorbing certain sugars, fats, proteins or vitamins into the bloodstream your poop probably sinks. Sinking poop is a product of your body’s inability to breakdown/absorb certain compounds. On the other hand, if you do not have an issue with absorption the floating likely comes from excess gas due to changes in your diet. The same gas that makes it float will also create that fragrance we have all come to love.


What is poop made of? Poop is about 75% water. The remaining 25% is where the bacteria (dead and alive), cells, fibers and if you ate corn or carrots those will be there as well!

Smell of poop: If your poop is so bad that it stinks too much you might need to see a doctor. Giardia is a parasite that when in the body cause your brand to be the top smelling brand in the area. Giardia usually gets into the body when you go swimming in fresh water. Other causes of a really stinky poo can be Chrons disease, poor diet, celiac disease and ulcerative colitis. If you think any of these reasons are the cause of your over-powering brand, you should go to the doctor and get checked out.