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Shitty Jobs - Where Poop is the main revenue stream - PostMyPoop

Shitty Jobs – Where Poop is the main revenue stream

I can pretty much bet that anyone reading this has watched at least one or most of one episode of Dirty Jobs.

Some of those jobs are pretty much the most disgusting ways to make money. A good number of them will turn your stomach just watching the work on TV.

I thought it would be interesting to find some real “Poop” related jobs. So here goes nothing, my short list of some of the poop related jobs YOU can get paid to do!


Pet waste removal: About 10 years ago I had 2 dogs. One was a great dane. She took some really massive shits. The other was an 80lb pit mix. She too could drop a few LB’s with every # 2. I really didn’t want to pick that shit up so I hired a company to do it for me. once or twice per week they would come and pick up every dump those dogs would push out. I should give them a plug – they went by the name Minesweepers and they were on Long Island. Although I thought this was a fantastic business idea, there is no way in hell I would be picking up dog shit at the rate these guys were doing it.


Doctor/Nurse or really anyone in a delivery room: I don’t have kids and I cannot imagine having or wanting them but the one thing I do know is if you are a chick and you are about to give birth, prior to firing out that kid you are more than likely going to push out a massive shit. Guess who gets to clean it? Oh thats right those poor people in the delivery room. Hopefully you didn’t eat anything to make it stink – wouldn’t want to clear out the room prior to bringing in that new bundle of joy/tax deduction/massive expense into the world.


Septic/Porta Potty Business: I have a friend who owns a septic/porta potty business. Do you know how many times this poor fucker has been sprayed in the face with shit? It gets a little cold here in the northeast and when you are trying to connect a metal fitting to another metal fitting in freezing cold weather (while there is a vacuum/pump running) you know shits about to go down – just hopefully not your throat. The porta shitter side of the business is no better. Imagine this, it is a 4′ X 4′ stall that sat on a job site for several days or a week and was shit and pissed in by 50 guys that ate bacon and eggs every morning. Now you are unloading it off the truck and it tips… I need to say no more…


Plumber: You have to clean peoples sewer pipes. Do I need to say anything else?


Hotel Maid: Sorry honey, not only have I left hotel bathrooms looking like shit I also use every single hand towel for toilet paper. There is something special about warm water paired with a clean white hand towel to wipe my ass with. Since I can’t flush it, I just throw it on the floor and YOU clean it up! LMAO – Enjoy that loose change I left you!


Bathroom attendant: Just because he smiles, hands you a towel and a mint does not mean that smile is genuine. The dude likely has a “perma-cringe” because of all the shit he has to smell. Especially a dude at a good steakhouse – potatoes au gratin comes out quick.


I can go on – ill save them for another episode of the PostMyPoop.com Plog.

Anyway fuckers,

Have a Nice Clean Break!

Stinky Taint!