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The purpose of post my poop - PostMyPoop

The purpose of post my poop

Good day fellow poopers!

We wanted to take a moment and share some ideas on how you can use this site.

The original idea for this site was to give us a place to share pics of our prized poops, share some toilet humor or daily filth.

We also wanted to give you our users a place to create your own communities for poop, humor (crude/toilet whatever type) you wanted to share. Some people think toilet humor is some of the best humor out there. This we totally agree with. Some like to explore the “darker” side of the poop culture. We aim to give you a place to do it all.

Our goal was never to make this a full on adult only site however we do require you are at least 18 years old or whatever the legal age to view this kind of material is in your state/province or country.

So lets talk about the features of PostMyPoop.com

First and foremost we are a social media platform.

Our goal is to give you many of the popular features of websites like facebook.

On the most basic level, you can create a profile, add friends and post status updates.

Updates can be in the form of text and media. You can post pictures, videos and links.

You can add friends, join or create groups.

Privacy by default is public. This is a site-wide default setting. That basically means it is your job to adjust the privacy of what you post.

Over the last 2 months there have been a few groups setup. Some by the team here at PostMyPoop and some by other users.

Most of these groups are set to public so you can join and participate in them. Those that are not public will require a request to join or an invitation. Invitations can be sent to groups by using their @ and user name. For example, to invite me Stinky Taint you would use @stinkytaint and I would receive a notification to join or decline your invite.

Privacy is important to us. During registration you will notice we ask you for as little information as possible. We will NEVER user your email address for spam and we will never allow spamming on the site. Spam is intrusive and it takes away from the site experience. We won’t do it and we hope you will refrain from it as well.

Here are some ideas on how you can start your own groups and create your own community within our growing community.

Since there is already a group for pet poop lets use that as our example. Many of us have pets. You are out walking your dog or changing your cat litter and you see they left you a massive poop. Well most of our pets do not have thumbs and those that do probably cant use a smart phone. That is where you come in, snap a picture of that baby and post it for your pet in the Pets related groups.

What if you are into the fetish side of poop. This is also known as Coprophilia, Scatophilia, or simply Scat Fetish. So if you get sexually aroused by someone getting a Cleveland steamer we suggest you setup a private group with either an invite only or a request to join privacy setting. Things like Scat Play, eating poop, or any group for true coprophiliacs we will require those to be private.

Any group that has pictures of a persons face MUST be set to private. Discussions related to Scat Play or Scat Fetish must also be done in the private group forum of the site.

We are not opposed to groups with the purpose of dating or meeting up but by no means was this site created for such purpose and we strongly believe you should participate in groups of this nature at your own risk. We will accept no responsibility for such groups although we will monitor them and if we are notified of negative behavior the parties involved will be banned ASAP.

We aren’t trying to be dicks about this. We simply want to make sure that everyone enjoys the site in the way they are most comfortable participating.

Couple things we need to mention:

If you ever have a problem posting a status update (text, media or anything else), please click the link at the top of the page Trouble Posting.

Members count at the top of the activity page: This number is VERY inaccurate. At the time of this post it shows 30 members.

The number of members is significantly higher (although we are no where near our goal to give away prizes unfortunately). The reason the number is much lower is because there is a feature that allows your profile to be totally private. Sadly if you are totally private you cannot post/participate. Your registration is simply for viewing purposes.

Suggestions: We want to hear your comments, complaints, ideas for improvement etc. Don’t hesitate to click the Contact Us link and send us a message. Its under the About Us link at the top of the page.

So thats about it! Get creative and get involved!