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Post My Poop Registration Contest - PostMyPoop

Post My Poop Registration Contest

A few weeks ago we announced a contest to boost registration. We admit were were a little too excited thinking we could turn this site something big overnight. Our registration base is growing but we know that some of our promotional tactics have failed. The info below can also be found at postmypoop.com/contest please share with your friends and help promote this contest.

It’s free to signup!

Also, Remember to follow us on www.Twitter.com/postmypoopcom and like our page at https://www.facebook.com/PostMyPoopCom/



We were a little aggressive in our projections – we are human and know when to admit we failed to get the numbers up. Simply put, some of the efforts we made to boost the subscriber base were not as successful as we had hoped.


In effort to grow our user base and make this site into something you will want to visit everyday, maybe more, we decided to create a contest.

Here is the deal:

2 lucky people will have a chance to win an iPad Mini.

How do you win?

First, you will need to Register at PostMyPoop.com if you are already registered you are one step closer!
You will need to register by September 1, 2016.
You must complete your registration and you will need to contribute at least 10 times.
10 contributions can be in the form of posting pics like funny memes, jokes, and things that others will be interested in. Remember – unless it is in a private group we have a ZERO PORN POLICY.
Multiple posts on the same calendar day will only count as one post. Remember we are trying to attract active users. You being one of the first 1000 users will help us create a fantastic experience for all that register after you.
No Spam. You spam, you get disqualified AND deleted.
This contest is open to everyone except where prohibited. Winners outside the United States may be responsible for shipping fees.
Winners will be announced on September 7th. We will be using a random number generator to pick the winner so as long as you have more than 10 contributions you could get lucky!

If for some reason we do not make it to 1000 registered users by 9/1/2016 but we get at least 500 registered users we will give away one iPad Mini.
Winners will be contacted via email.

PostMyPoop.com is a free site. We don’t want your money, we want you to have fun and make friends!
There is no cost to enter this contest, all we ask is you join and participate.
The Team at PostMyPoop.com