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Yesterdays Poop - PostMyPoop

Yesterdays Poop

Have you ever had one of those days where you crap so much you almost feel a void? Pooping so much, and I am not talking about diarrhea here. I am talking about good solid poop.

That was me yesterday. I Started out almost missing the porcelain Honda on my first number 2. I did one of those Peter Griffin moves.


My second came shortly after my first, pretty much filling in my normal deposit.

My third came late in the day, close to but not as late as the start of the Warriors Cavaliers game.

After my first I ended up taking a shower cause it was a train wreck back there. Sucks when you gotta take a shit right after you take a shower. Just gotta jump back in and hose er’ down.

Today I feel it brewing but its not as hot in the chamber as it was yesterday. Better hurry and fire out – I have a meeting to get to this morning!

We want to hear your stories – funny stories are the better stories but feel free to share anything you’d like and we will try to post them for you.

Stinky Taint