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PostMyPoop.Com Version of Pokemon Go - PostMyPoop

PostMyPoop.Com Version of Pokemon Go

Hello my fellow poopers!

We were hoping to get your feedback and support!

We have come up with an idea and would love to see what you think.

This is what we are thinking: Pokemon Go seems to be such a popular way to waste an incredible amount of time.

What if we came up with a way for you to post your poop in public restrooms and let others find your un-flushed mess? Or, your favorite pooping place. Shit it could be anything like that. We all know how much taking a good shit in public can be a challenge. Sharing the knowledge on a GPS enabled poop app that doubles as a Pokemon Go type game could be tremendous.

Would you use it?

Post a surprise and let your fellow pooper find it.

Scary part is Pokemon Go is putting people in weird places, it is becoming a tool used for crime and lets face it, its just freaking Pokemon. To tell you the truth I have no idea what Pokemon is. That said, I am a poop professional. Poop, as long as it isn’t handled is safe. Might be stinky but it is safe.

How Popular is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is so popular it has made its way into 2 sections of Today’s Wall Street Journal. Monday being one of the lighter days for business news this might be filler but its making its way in regularly!

wsj-pokemon-business WSJ-Pokemon-OpEd

This Pokemon Go craze is insane. People walking through America’s parks, stumbling through our city streets and meandering through our nations farmland with their heads down looking for some cartoon character. At least with the Post My Poop version of Pokemon Go you could safely walk upright towards the bathroom in the “indicated direction”.

So far this is just an idea, conceptually it could work. Need to know if our fellow poopers would use it. Pokemon Go is pretty much taking over the world. We can do our part to stop people from walking around aimlessly by pooping across this great country and posting it with coordinates! LOL

Not sure if the App Store would be OK with poop but the Android world seems to accept anything!

What do you think?

Should we do it?

Who wants to invest?

Yours Truly,

Stinky Taint!

Co-Founder of one of the grossest non porn websites out there!


PS if you are reading this and you have not yet registered for PostMyPoop.com you should! Click here it’s Free!!!!