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Facebook without restrictions - PostMyPoop

Facebook without restrictions

The team here at PostMyPoop.com had several ideas when we first launched this site.

Me (Stinky Taint), I thought posting my daily poop would save all my friends from receiving that morning text I would send.

CyberJa thought posting picks of hot chicks taking a shit would be a hit.

The OC (Original Crapper) is a “Less is More” kinda dude. He posts the occasional shit picture, video and random things google leads him to.

At this point the site is close to 4 months old. The amount of traffic we get is impressive for the effort and lack of SEO optimization. On a daily basis I am amazed at how many people want to see my daily shit. Yes, my daily shit is the most popular. This was not the celebrity I hoped for in life but hot damn I will take it! LOL

This brings me to the purpose of this post.

See, what we are offering on this site is incredibly similar to Facebook. Most would say “why should I join PostMyPoop.com when I can do most if not all of the same things on Facebook with a larger audience?”. What we offer is the freedom without restrictions. We offer the privacy for those looking to keep their web presence private. We know that Facebook is a social experiment and anything and everything you do on the site is collected. Also, we understand how some people like to keep business and personal things separate. Sure you can open a fake account but whats the point? Facebook technology knows you are both of those “accounts” anyway. Especially if you log in from the same device. We collect very little information about you. Matter of fact, we only ask you for your email address AND we do not suggest you use your real name. The few cookies we use are to remember you if you choose the “remember me” feature to login. Another cookie we use is to find out if you are a new or return visitor. We will never spam you, we won’t sell your email address either. In the 4 months the site has been running we have sent 2 or 3 emails to our subscriber base. To tell you the truth we despise spam as much as anyone so we will never send you an email unless we really think you need hear from us.


So lets say you are on Facebook and your group has some rat that “reports” you for some nude or crude picture. If I am not mistaken they have a “few strikes and you are out” policy. That is not the case here on PostMyPoop.com. If you set up a group here on PMP you will not be restricted. Obviously we do have a few moral and legal restrictions but really, aside from that anything goes.

We offer unlimited uploads, you can post video or pictures. We have a private chat feature and most importantly privacy options.

What we are asking for in return (for this absolutely free and ALWAYS WILL BE) service is feedback. Well we really want you to register and use the site. Your feedback is important to us though. We need that to offer you a better service.

So if you are a facebook or twitter user that wants promote their videos or pictures why not register for PostMyPoop.com?

If you are just visiting take 10 seconds to sign up.

Remember we have a contest, you can win an iPad mini. We are giving away 2 if we hit our registration goals!

Yours Truly,

Stinky Taint

Follow us on twitter @PostMyPoopCom and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PostMyPoopCom/