Hiding your private poop photos on android or ios

photo locking apps for android and iosIf you’re single you probably don’t care much about the photos on your phone. You take your photos and if you care about security you lock your phone…done. If you have kids, have a wife or girlfriend…that’s an entirely different story. Imagine your kid is playing an innocent game on your phone…you get distracted and the next thing you know they’re in your gallery looking at a picture of your poop you just took! I’d like to think that those uncomfortable situations can be completely avoided if you do some simple planning by installing a photo locker app. Here are some good apps you can find on either android or ios.

ios Photo Locking Apps:
– Lock Photos
– Private Photo Vault Pro
– HiFolder Pro
– Secret Photo+Video Vault
– Best Secret Folder
– KeepSafe

Android Photo Locking Apps:
– Gallery Lock Lite
– FotoX
– Andrognito
– Photo Locker
– KeepSafe
– AppLock
– Smart Hide Calculator
– Vaulty
– Hide it Pro
– Private Photo Vault

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