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PostMyPoop.com - About Us


About Us:

Have you ever taken a poop and said to yourself “damn look at that beauty”? Or how about “What the hell just came out of me?” or maybe “Holy Cow if you could only smell the stench”. Lets face it, we all have. Now you can share it with the world.

Everybody poops. Some of us are proud of the dumps we take. Some of us are so disgusted by what comes out of us its only natural to want to share it with friends and the world!

Some of us may not want to post our own poop but we have funny poop jokes that only like-minded poopers will enjoy, this is your place! This is the place for toilet humor!

The dream of PostMyPoop.com came to a couple twisted dudes that love grossing our fellow poopers out with our daily (and sometimes more) dumps.

Poopers Unite!

Welcome to PostMyPoop.com!!!