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I took a shit

I took a shit and didn’t make the bowl I took a shit and it splashed up on my ass I took a shit and posted it on postmypoop.com you follow it – go ahead you took a shit and? »

Hiding your private poop photos on android or ios

If you’re single you probably don’t care much about the photos on your phone. You take your photos and if you care about security you lock your phone…done. If you have kids, have a wife or girlfriend…that’s an entirely different story. Imagine your kid is playing an innocent game on your phone…you get distracted and the next thing you know they’re in your ... »

Facebook without restrictions

The team here at PostMyPoop.com had several ideas when we first launched this site. Me (Stinky Taint), I thought posting my daily poop would save all my friends from receiving that morning text I would send. CyberJa thought posting picks of hot chicks taking a shit would be a hit. The OC (Original Crapper) is a “Less is More” kinda dude. He posts the occasional shit picture, video and ... »

Things that make you go poop…

This week I thought we would take a look at things that make you go poop. I don’t plan on covering everything. Just a few things that I am familiar with or have heard of. Have you ever noticed the slightest bit of “something” opens up that anal cannon quickly? I hear some people say that they are regular “10 AM every morning”. Or that dude that always takes the aftern... »

PostMyPoop.Com Version of Pokemon Go

Hello my fellow poopers! We were hoping to get your feedback and support! We have come up with an idea and would love to see what you think. This is what we are thinking: Pokemon Go seems to be such a popular way to waste an incredible amount of time. What if we came up with a way for you to post your poop in public restrooms and let others find your un-flushed mess? Or, your favorite pooping plac... »

Yesterdays Poop

Have you ever had one of those days where you crap so much you almost feel a void? Pooping so much, and I am not talking about diarrhea here. I am talking about good solid poop. That was me yesterday. I Started out almost missing the porcelain Honda on my first number 2. I did one of those Peter Griffin moves.   My second came shortly after my first, pretty much filling in my normal deposit. ... »

Post My Poop Registration Contest

A few weeks ago we announced a contest to boost registration. We admit were were a little too excited thinking we could turn this site something big overnight. Our registration base is growing but we know that some of our promotional tactics have failed. The info below can also be found at postmypoop.com/contest please share with your friends and help promote this contest. It’s free to signu... »

Poop Related Rant

Some of us find poop gross, many of us think it’s funny, others are turned on by it. I wanted to talk about things that either piss me off about poop and some things that just don’t make sense to me related to poop. Here are a few things, I would love to hear your thoughts on these topics: Dog poop: Most of the worlds population is centered around urban and suburban communities. Accord... »

The purpose of post my poop

Good day fellow poopers! We wanted to take a moment and share some ideas on how you can use this site. The original idea for this site was to give us a place to share pics of our prized poops, share some toilet humor or daily filth. We also wanted to give you our users a place to create your own communities for poop, humor (crude/toilet whatever type) you wanted to share. Some people think toilet ... »

Shitty Jobs – Where Poop is the main revenue stream

I can pretty much bet that anyone reading this has watched at least one or most of one episode of Dirty Jobs. Some of those jobs are pretty much the most disgusting ways to make money. A good number of them will turn your stomach just watching the work on TV. I thought it would be interesting to find some real “Poop” related jobs. So here goes nothing, my short list of some of the poop... »

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