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Why is your Poop Hard?

Hello Poopers! Now I have to admit, this topic is far from something I am familiar with. Frankly, my poop is so regular and so normal, to dig in and do some research made me realize that even though I eat and drink like a disgusting fat slob my diet as it relates to pooping is very good. First of all, A hard poop is usually related to some form of constipation. Sometimes a poop thats been in your ... »

Pooping on the road – my travel experiences

Let me toss in a disclaimer here. These are my experiences. Frankly, talking to other travelers over the years they all seem to agree. Hopefully, some of the lower rated places have improved and those that were great have stayed that way. For over 10 years I traveled for work.I stayed in some of the nicest hotels, also spent the night or 3 in some of the shittiest hotels. By shittiest I don’... »

Poop Facts

Lets talk about something that might get you called down to HR if you were discussing around the water cooler at work. Poop is indeed funny. Even the most conservative people in the world get a good chuckle when it comes to number 2. The basis of many poop jokes have some real science behind them. Lets look at 4 today. First lets talk about the color: My research tells me the browner the better. B... »

Welcome to our Plog

“Plog” – short for “Poop Blog” is going to be an ongoing series of different Poop Facts, Poop Information and any Poop News that you are loyal Poop Posters will enjoy! Some consider a Plog to be a political blog. Not in our house!!! This is Post My Poop after-all! Actually we frown on political posting? Why you ask? Well there is NOTHING fun about politics unless ther... »

Welcome to PostMyPoop.com!!!

Have you ever taken a poop and said to yourself “damn look at that beauty”? Or how about “What the hell just came out of me?” or maybe “Holy Cow if you could only smell the stench”. Lets face it, we all have. Now you can share it with the world. Everybody poops. Some of us are proud of the dumps we take. Some of us are so disgusted by what comes out of us its only natural to want to share it with ... »

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